Eurus S6 Below-the-Patient Delivery System

Key features:

  • Flagship treatment centre exudes refinement and is designed for superior hygiene control.
  • Offers total accessibility for both patient and operator alike.
  • Discreet positioning of doctor table, instruments and assistant tray.
  • Maximum safe working patient weight of 165kg.

Innovations include:

  • New features include powerful touch-screen, integrated foot controls and advanced lighting.
  • Integrated WaveOne technology as a factory built-in option.
  • 90 degree rotating spittoon allows clear access for nurse or dentist to operate.
  • Two pre-set positions, Last Position & Auto-Return plus an increased six operator configurations.

Perfecting the art of dentistry

Our new Eurus S6 treatment centre exudes refinement and brings the next level of ultrasoft comfort, quality, innovation and style to contemporary dentistry.

The super efficient design offers total accessibility for both patient and operator alike, allowing effortless working positions alongside discreet clean and preparation zones.

The contemporary Eurus S6 has our renowned below-the-patient swing-arm delivery system, powerful intuitive touch-screen with advanced instrument control and integrated WaveOne technology as a factory built-in option.

Precise doctor table positioning

With the height adjustable balance arm the doctor table can be presented at the required height and by the press of a button can be adjusted with ease, lifting or lowering, then simply releasing the brake button to lock into position. The swing around arm presents the doctor table in numerous positions with ease, facing forward for working in front of the patient, or around the side from the 9 to 1 o’clock positions for a range of procedures with effortless movement, reducing fatigue for the operator. The handpiece holder is also totally independent from the table and can be freely adjusted across three axes.

Intuitive touch-screen

The touch-screen offers one-touch control across a wide range of functions, with an easy-to-read display that tells you everything at a glance, including motor settings and torque. You can pre-programme settings and also restore to standard settings in just one touch.

The new touchpad can control the micro motor speed, torque, and rotation direction with preprogramed settings. It can also control the turbine speed with more variation by using the foot pedal, and has a speed limit setting.

For the scaler, there are endo, perio and scaling control settings.
A chair locked indicator adds peace of mind for when an instrument is being operated.

Other features include a bowl flush, cup filler, spray air, and water spray on/off switches.

Access Bien-Air WaveOne Technology

The Eurus S6 comes with built-in WaveOne technology.

Thanks to Bien-Air preparation we can now offer the WaveOne single-file reciprocating system to shape the root canal completely from start to finish. This comprehensive endodontic system brings a new standard of dental care. 4 x safer and almost 3 x faster than using multiple files, this unique, unequal bidirectional reciprocation movement enables the file to rotate 150° counter clock wise, followed by a 30° clockwise rotation.

Advanced features:

  • Autoclavable unit handle cover, handpiece holders and unit tray silicon mats
  • Easy-clean membrane switch panel
  • Doctor handpiece control touch screen
  • First priority handpiece selection
  • Electronic foot control for accurate turbine speed control and integrated lifting handle
  • Bien Air MX2 fibre optic micro motor with Pre-set micro motor & torque control with auto-reverse, Endo control and LCD display 2 additional fibre-optic hose
    NSK NLX Plus fibre optic micro motor 2 additional fibre-optic hose

Great accessibility

With the chair in the zero position, leg-rest in, armrest folded down and doctor table in the preparation position the entry and exit zone completely opens-up at the front and side of the chair enabling very easy access for all patients, especially children, elderly and infirm.

Positioning the doctor table, instruments and assistants tray discreetly out of view behind the chair backrest eases any patient anxiety as they enter the surgery.

This unique Eurus S6 combination benefits dentist, assistant and patient alike.

Smooth quiet movements

The Eurus S6 benefits from an extremely quiet hydraulic chair system, with smooth movement ensuring complete patient comfort while being positioned for treatment.

S6 Vac-Pac System

The new Eurus S6 Vac-Pac System is specifically designed with smaller surgeries in mind, offering superb practicality and bringing increased working space within confined areas. The vacuum console can be rotated 90 degrees away from the patient chair allowing additional working space.

High volume vacuum console fitted with easy removeable filter, detachable HVE, saliva ejector and funnel connecting hoses. Additionally, the HVE is complete with ball joint function for greater ease of operation.

As a completely new surgery system, the combination of the Eurus S6 folding leg chair, dentist delivery system and the new compact Vac-Pac presents an aesthetically pleasing, smart and ergonomic treatment centre. In addition, the proportions mean this will fit into almost all dental surgeries.

Flexible positioning

The assistant instrument delivery arm is simple to position allowing the operator to work single handed or four handed. An integral feature of the Eurus S6 is the 90 degree rotating spittoon. This allows clear access to the left side of the patient for both dentist or nurse to operate, whilst daily hygiene routines are also made easier.

Class leading specification

New features include a taller backrest cushion with additional lumbar support for unrivalled patient comfort, twin-articulating headrest with more precise positioning, a wireless foot control as standard with low battery indicator on the touch-screen plus a wealth of new safety features.

A wide range of chair upholstery colours and finishes are available to complement and further enhance your surgery.

Precision control

Stork controls are integrated within the chair base and are again easily foot controllable, with pre-set positioning options and manual fine-tune positioning plus one-touch cancel.

Easy cleaning

Everything is designed to assist with faster, easier and more thorough cleaning. Light handles, surface mats, instrument holders, handle covers and bowls are all easily detachable for cleaning. Hygiene inside the dental unit is maintained by waterline flushing.

Smart lighting

The 10 LED operating light delivers advanced natural light at any intensity you choose. Even if your hands or body obscure some of the LEDs during treatment, the full beam remains. The slender, circular light head is easy to move across three axes and simple to clean, with autoclavable detachable handles.

Advanced safety

The many safety features include cut-out switches integrated within the chair base and the assistant arm. These automatically activate if unwarranted or potentially dangerous bodily contact occurs.

In addition, all chair movement control buttons will instantly stop the chair, if a pre-set or auto-return function are pressed in error.

You can also choose your preferred upholstery colour.

Upholstery Colour Examples

Upholstery Options

Luxury upholstery in Ultrasoft, Ultrasoft Pro or Pearlised colour ranges


Seamless upholstery in Ultrasoft, Ultrasoft Pro or Pearlised colour ranges


Seamless upholstery in Standard colour fabric


Pearlised. Pearlised material shown above.
See colour swatch brochure as further colour options available.

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