The increased versatility of movement of the delivery system is designed to stimulate the workflow of a Practice and quality of comfortable dentistry that can be achieved.

The Operator’s consoles’ delivery arms are mounted below and behind the chair, creating the most compact, responsive and discreet dental treatment centre possible.

The Benefits For the Operators:

  • Workflow efficiency gains
  • Easier, more comfortable working conditions
  • Compact layouts
  • Clear lines of communication
  • No equipment in the way of the Patient
  • Calmer Patients

For the Patient:

  • All instruments are hidden from Patient-view and below eye level
  • Calmer entry for anxious Patients
  • Clear, calm air above, throughout surgery
  • Luxury Upholstery* for added comfort

Unique ‘Preparation Zone’

We have engineered a very discreet and convenient preparation zone behind the chair, away from the Patient and out of their sight.

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