No 1 Harley Street

No 1 Harley Street must surely be one of the most desirable addresses for any medical business. It also sets the very highest of expectations in the mind of any potential patient.

Conscious of this and his desire to deliver the very best dental care, Jonathan Lack, a Canadian specialising in Periodontics with services in Implant Surgery, has established a dental practice here which completely befits its prestigious location.

Applefield Dental Care

Charlotte Schofield opened the doors to her newly refurbished practice in Southport in September, having only taken over the building at the end of June.

Applefield Dental Care reflects the outlook of the practice team (Charlotte and her two dental nurses, Emma Townsend and Helen Pilkington) and their attitude towards patient care, where comfort and an holistic approach to treatment is key.

Barbican Dental Centre

Neil Sikka was a newly qualified dentist working in London’s East End when he first had a vision for what is now a hugely successful string of high-end London practices.

He explains: ‘I was working in an NHS practice in Roman Road in Bethnal Green, east London, that had a high turnover of patients. ‘I watched as Canary Wharf was developed and decided there and then to establish a City practice for the inevitable huge numbers of City workers who would be working there.’

The Alders

“My dentist and all their staff are caring, welcoming and kind. My husband and I cannot fault this practice. I am disabled and access is excellent. My dentist has made sure the practice has access for all. I do not think there is a dentist here who would not look after their patient as their first priority. I am (or have been) a very nervous patient, and have been reassured during every step of my treatment. We have been using this practice for many years and do not think you could find a more caring, attitude to NHS patients. From the frontline at reception to sitting in the dentist chair, you are a priority. We cannot praise this practise highly enough.”

W1 Dental

Kamran Rostam Yazdi reveals how a desire to declutter his Wimpole Street practice created a clever use of space much marvelled by patients and staff alike.

“When I began considering locations for my practice, I knew that I wanted to practise somewhere with a reputation for a high standard of care – both Wimpole and Harley Street are well known as the heart of medical care in London. I purchased W1 Dental two years ago in March 2011.”

Queen’s Gate Orthodontics

Based in Queen’s Gate, in the Royal Borough of Kensington, there is something distinctively regal, yet unequivocally homely about Queen’s Gate Orthodontics, established in 1989.

The premises have undergone a major overhaul, which has not been without its challenges; a basement building, an active caseload and a limited budget all added to the complexity and challenge of the project. Claire Nightingale, owner and lead orthodontist takes up the story.

Belmont equipment advice after lockdown

You might be wondering what you should do with your treatment centre before re-opening your practice or is there any protocol that you should be following. We are sharing with you 8 Simple Steps on how to protect your dental equipment when leaving unused for long periods. Please read carefully prior to taking any action.

  1. Follow your normal waterline maintenance protocol in accordance with CQC guidelines until complete shutdown.
  2. If complete shutdown for an unspecified period of time is imminent take off the clean water bottle and tip any residue water away and put the bottle back on empty. After removing the couplings and handpieces from the delivery system hold the hoses over a bucket and press the flush button or run the automatic flush if your unit has one. It’s important remembering while flushing to press the syringe buttons in order to release any trapped water and continue to run the flush until the handpiece hoses run dry.
  3. Do not forget to clean your suction hoses and spittoon with your recommended suction cleaner. Then run water through the hoses to make sure any residue left in the hoses is diluted down.
  4. Make sure the suction pump is switched on before cleaning the hoses.
  5. When the system is completely dry and the suction hoses cleaned switch the main chair switch off and any chair isolator in the room “turn off”.
  6. If all the treatment centres in the practice are to be shutdown for a period of time make sure the staff turn off the compressor and the suction pump.
  7. If you are concerned about shutting down your equipment call your equipment dealer to help you run through this process safely. They will always be happy to help and advise at this difficult time.
  8. When the time comes to return the dental treatment centre back to full use, please be aware that you will need to test your waterlines as per your normal CQC protocol. This action is essential part of the process as you want to check that you don’t have any biofilm build-up during the period of stagnation.

We wish you and your families a safe transit through this difficult time. We are at our disposal to assist you with any further details: or


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